Simple Pleasures










Our last day in Paris was a slow one, but filled with all of our favourite things. I picked up some pastries for breakfast, which we enjoyed with a leisurely pot of tea before venturing out into the rain. We decided that the Père Lachaise cemetery would be appropriate for the dreary weather. We hardly made it out of the metro stop when we ducked inside a café to finish waking up with a cup of café crème each.  The rain cascaded into the streets as we warmed up inside, observing a man on the other side of the glass sipping his espresso while working on a crossword puzzle.



I navigated us around to some famous graves – most of which held little meaning to us. Asha tried (unsuccessfully) to play some Chopin on her phone as we stood before him.  She also asked when we were going to see Edgar Allan Poe when she meant Oscar Wilde (whose grave is now, disappointingly, protected by plexiglass.  No more kisses for him).  We stood in front of Jim Morrison’s grave trying to name at least one song by The Doors (we couldn’t). We also saw a couple who Asha is convinced was in the process of breaking up. I’m still trying to make up a different story. The girl was crying and grabbing the guy’s face and hands and whatnot. I’m thinking maybe she was a ghost trying to make him, a live human, see her?












I have a huge crush on Parisian buildings with their curled railings, and the way they’re textured so that half of the colour is created by shadow. I wanted to take pictures of every apartment we walked past, but I held off.  For the most part.



We finished with one of my favourite Paris pastimes (omg sew p4ri5!!!): a stroll along the Seine. In the summer of 2010, the river was ripe with tourists on dinner cruises, and my cousin and I would sit on the edge of the water, trying to see how many people would wave back as we swung our arms around. Now, in the fall, and after a fresh bout of rain that afternoon, there weren’t any prime places to sit on the cold, damp stones, but we took our time to walk the manmade bank of the river. The whole day was cosy and relaxing and just as enjoyable as running around, stealing people’s locks and exploring a near-empty Hall of Mirrors.

IMG_2857 1


2 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures”

  1. You’re travelling they way you want … soaking up the absence … melting into the crowd … eating up the “delicacies” along the way. So glad that you have a friend to share those special pleasures. I can’t see the couple, though … where are they?

    1. Thanks, Maaa. I decided not to take a picture of the couple, since they already seemed to be having a hard enough time without being bombarded by a crazy Canadian tourist.

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