‘Let them eat the best damn soft serve ice cream.’

Apologies ahead of time.  I am awful at formatting these posts with writing and photos so that it’s visually appealing.  Also, these photos aren’t interesting.  Enjoy anyway!




The most significant difference between my last visit to Versailles and this time around was that I had to pay the full adult fee. These are the only times I miss being a teenager: getting free/discount entry to European museums. (You know, all those times I was in Europe as a teenager.)  To get the full value out of her ticket, Asha made sure to aggressively slap her hand on the palace staircase wall. Trying to absorb the majesty of the King Louises (plural of Louis) who had lived there.



This time, I also finally got to see Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet. I had tried to find it in 2010, but we got lost and the heat got to us and I fell asleep by the Grand Canal. It was a very sweaty summer day. Seeing as it is currently autumn, Asha and I were able to leisurely stroll through the gardens, the brisk air crisping the leaves into all sorts of lovely orange shades. We perused, sat on benches, munched shrimp chips and grapes (having already finished our sandwich lunches while in the line to enter the palace), took pictures around the grounds…



When we first entered the palace it was like being herded with a million incompetent sheep. (Seriously, why do people need to take pictures of everything? They’re not even looking at what they’re taking pictures of before snapping a photo and walking away. Like, ‘oh good, I was looking for ideas of how to decorate my palace with an obscene amount of gold. I should take a picture for my Pinterest board.’) So on our way out of the gardens, about a half hour before closing, Asha had the brilliant idea of revisiting the Hall of Mirrors. And let me tell you, it’s much more impressive with only ten people milling around than fifty crammed in.




Bonus Jonas picture.  The unexpectedly scrumptious soft serve ice cream of Versailles.  Taken (without permission, but I love her) from Asha’s Instagram.


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