Let’s catch up.

I’ve been putting off this inaugural blog post because I, in the only way I know how, started getting anxious about whether or not I should start from the beginning of my trip (oh dear, already a month ago…), or to just blab about what’s going on nowadays.  Since I’m finally getting around to catching up with a bunch of you individually through long and infrequent messages (sorry for the delay, I get overwhelmed just seeing a new message notification), and a lot of the questions are the same, I think it’s best to tackle the now.

So let’s catch up.


I have wanted to have a FAQ page since I dreamed of being Neopets famous over ten years ago, so that’s the format we’re going to do.  Indulge in my fantasy with me, please.

houses from the bridge

How are you?
Everything is so lovely now that I’m settled.  While I do really enjoy travelling and checking out different cities and culture and food, I really prefer being settled.  I like getting to know a place by wandering around rather than speeding through the major points, and I especially like having somewhere to call ‘home’ at the end of the day: having a bed to settle into that I can call my own for more than a few nights, a kitchen in which to cook and slurp up a comforting bowl of noodles, a laptop on which I can peruse blogs with a hot cup of tea and not feel guilty for not soaking up culture.  I like relaxing.  And I’m feeling very relaxed.

tea at lunchnoodles

How are classes?
Really great!  I’m taking three: Poetry, Fiction (both Creative Writing) and Modernism (English Lit).  It’s only been a few weeks, but I’m already really liking the way that classes are done here.  There’s a nice sense of community in the small discussion groups, and I really get the feeling that the instructors/profs are there to help develop learning and thinking.  It’s an encouraging environment, which is especially nice since I already feel different from everyone (foreigner with an ugly accent and typically being two to three years older than my classmates).

houses in the alley  cloud

Wait, you’re in London, right?
For those of you who aren’t positive of what’s going on (firstly, how did you get here?), I’m doing a semester abroad at the University of East Anglia in Norwich — about a two-hour train ride North-East from London.  While the university itself was built in the sixties (and therefore has a more industrial THIS IS EFFICIENT CONCRETE IS GOOD MMYES kind of feel) everything outside is the classic brick and stone stuff you picture when you think of a small European town.  There are even treacherous cobblestone streets.

In the City Centre of Norwich there is a castle (which I’ve yet to explore), a cathedral (that I have visited twice–both times casually averting my eyes from the multiple donation signs and boxes.  See you guys in Hell), and all of the excellent shopping opportunities that the university website promised (turns out it was not just a desperate attempt to boost Norwich’s economy).  What’s really lovely is that amongst the chain stores and coffee shops, there are locally owned boutiques and cafés sprinkled throughout.

lunch spot  bike Pottergate

Seriously, friends, let me know what kind of things you want to see/read.  Leave a comment, shoot me a Facebook message, shout it out into the void in hopes that I’ll pick up your words on the wind…however the kids are communicating these days.  I’m hoping do one post a week about my September ‘vacation period’ thing, while also keeping you updated on whats up in current life.  If you get tired of waiting for a post here, you can find fairly frequent updates on my Instagram.  I wouldn’t bother with my Twitter unless you want to read about how much I miss Asian food or how much I hate sleeping or my eternal love/hate struggle with Smash.

Okay, that’s enough rambling for now.  I hope this hasn’t been too boring, and I’m sorry that you have to put up with awkwardly sized and placed iPhone pictures.  It’ll all get better.  Hopefully.

I most likely miss and love you.  Until next time, chiquititas.



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